From Humble Beginnings Comes Great Success

Donna was first introduced to Credit Unions as a little girl by her Grandfather who was on the board for the Elnora Credit Union.  Donna grew up on her parent's grain and cattle farm in Rimbey Alberta. As the oldest of three girls, there was no such thing as a one-dimensional lifestyle! Donna was her dad's night time herd manager at calving time and growing up on a horse was the best life possible.  She learned to run equipment, work with her dad at harvest and seeding, and of course there were the home chores too. This is where she learned discipline and dedication goes a long way.
Donna developed a passion for agriculture and not long after graduating high school and Red Deer College in Business, she was asked to work for EM Choipuk at his Imperial Oil agency. Donna not only looked after customers, farmers, and oil field customers, but she drove tanker truck hauling fuel and NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) to the farming and oil field customers. After 5 years she attended Mount Royal College, now University in Police Justice Administration, Donna wanted to make a difference for victims and she was accepted as the Victim Services Manager for the Calgary Police Service.
It was there she reconnected with Credit Unions in a most unusual way.

Donna & Emergency Management

After 10 years with the Calgary Police Service Donna and her husband started their own company that specialized in Credit Unions and continued the work Donna pioneered. The Credit Union Bonding Program took an active hand in believing in the product Donna was promoting as did Credit Union Deposit Guarantee. It was employee-centered, designed to support staff who had endured a natural disaster, or robbery within the Credit Union. This program was awarded the Solicitor General of Alberta Award for Crime Prevention and the video productions garnered Donna and the Cooperators Team 7 international awards. And then the disasters started to happen in the '90s and the Credit Union Insurance Regulator in the USA (CUNA Mutual) made the call to Donna who was training Credit Unions in the USA to get to Oklahoma as soon as possible and report to the Board. Donna had no idea, but click on the video and you will!

Donna & her Commitment to Servus Credit Union

After watching the SERVUS Video Production you can see why Donna is invested into Credit Unions, members' financial success, and professional and highly energized staffing teams! Donna has board experience, has managed large budgeted municipal departments as a consultant for her company. She has conducted efficiency and effectiveness studies, has built Community Peace Officer Enforcement programs, managed staff and developed all their policies and working systems. She has led teams, taught court-mandated anger management for years, and has been a guest lecturer, keynote speaker, trainer for many Credit Unions in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Barbados.  She understands teams, work practices, risk management, staff safety, and development and she always says the following:
I've been waiting and preparing for this for years, as I knew that I had to have a varied experience and have an understanding of Credit Unions.  I believe that with all my experience, and situations I've been in within Credit Unions - I am ready to be an all-round Board Member with the drive, enthusiasm, and spirit to help the Board Team into the next decade.  I look forward to your votes and the honour of representing all of you at a Board Level
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